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What our clients think about us

Katrina took my 14 yr old Daughter from never shooting a bow and arrow, to being the 2017 National Junior Champion and a World Championships Gold Medallist, all within 18 months.


Seriously life changing stuff. If you want to learn from the best Horse Archery Instructor in Australia and NZ- Katrina is your girl.

 ~ Cathy Blumenthal. QLD

If you want to learn horse archery, Katrina is the instructor to go to, very professional and knowledgeable. I never stop learning and have so much fun!

~ Lisa Leitch. VIC

Best thing to ever learn. If you really want to connect with a horse and take your riding to the next level and do something different then get to a clinic. Best thing I have gotten into.

~ Samantha Marr. Vic

When I got my pony a couple of years ago, I was unsure of what discipline to follow so tried a few. Luckily for me I came across Katrina and Medieval Horse Sports Australia.

I tried Horse Archery and loved it. We have made heaps of progress over the year, and I really like Katrina's style of teaching - she seems to know my boundaries and makes me push them anyway. I love Horse Archery and I love not knowing what's going to happen next! I have made great friends through the club, and we all work together as one happy family.  Thanks Katrina

~Lily Ermer 15yrs. QLD   - Katrina's #1Fan

Katrina's experience in the fields in which she instructs in is second to none. Not only can she teach you some unique sports, she has the knowledge and experience to help you and your horse overcome any challenge. Learn from the best!

~ Rodney Deaman. NSW 

I have been working with Katrina for over 5 years. During those  years I have attended various Horse Archery clinics and Bow Camp in 2015.  Katrina is a great teacher, an effective communicator and is very encouraging.  Her no-nonsense attitude means she gets straight to the point and you learn quickly. 

Because Katrina competes regularly Internationally in Horse Archery, she is continually learning and developing her own skills, which is part of the reason I keep coming back to the clinics.  She is constantly passing this on and developing my skills as well. Her competition record is inspiring and she never holds back in her instructions. It is clear she wants to give all her students the best of her expansive knowledge and experience. 

Bow Camp 2015 was an amazing experience that I recommend to anyone interested in Horse Archery.  It was a very intensive week, that completely changed my skill to a whole other level.  Katrina, Glen and Norbert worked diligently and tirelessly for all their students.  The horses were very well trained and well equipped, the venue was beautiful and fit for purpose and the food and company was fabulous !!

Katrina and her team love what they do and their enthusiasm and sense of fun is contagious. Katrina has been a valued mentor to me for many years and I highly recommend her clinics and camps to anyone interested in the sport of Horse Archery.

~ Meg Luc- Romanis. VIC

The penultimate in Professional Horse Archery instruction. I have attended quite a few clinics and learn something new EVERY TIME. Katrina Kruse delivers well balanced instructions that flows in a logical order. cant recommend this amazing group enough!!!

~ Michelle Herbert. NSW 

My daughter, Lily, met Katrina at her riding club a year ago when Medieval Horse Sports Australia were doing a mini clinic day there. She had a go at Horse Archery and was immediately bitten my the bug.


The progress she has made in the sport over the past year is incredible, however,  the advances she has made in confidence, character building and learning to test herself outside her comfort zone is amazing.


Katrina has brought out the best in Lily, and we look forward to working together for years to come.

~  Sarah Ermer. QLD

Katrina Kruse has ignited a passion for horse archery I never knew I had. Her exceptional training methods and safety procedures ensure not only a safe environment to learn but a fun way to connect with your horse on a whole new level.

~Anna Low. NZ  Professional Horse Trainer.

With Katrina's coaching I've been able to start out in this amazing sport, with two off the track TB's, with confidence. Each clinic gives that extra confidence boost without fail.

~ Bronwyn Dugan. NSW

Our first clinic, with Katrina, in September 2017 was by far one of my top equestrian moments of the year. She was so easy to work with, and her ability to coach riders off all ages and abilities was really brought to light.


My mare was very high strung during the clinic, but using the desensitization techniques we learnt, I've been able to start archery training in earnest. Katrina made arranging and hosting the clinic so painless, we've booked in a longer one for 2018!

~ Melissa Coyle. QLD

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