If Horse Archery is your 'Thing', your passion, then you can not miss out on attending our annual Aussie Bow Camp.  A week long immersion into the sport, you will learn new techniques and perfect them under the guidance of expert instructors.  If you are not bringing your own horse you  will be able to hire one of our wonderfully trained horses. And the icing on this cake is the life long friends you will make.

All State and National Champions in Australia have attended Aussie Bow Camp. Many attendees have gone onto represent Australia at International competitions.

Aussie Bow Camp is the complete package where you will be instructed on tracks like the Tower (Hun), Raid (Korean), Hunt (Polish), Aussie And Arena Tracks. Plus various targets types including ground and offside along with varying distances. 

Full camping or bunk house accomodation, including meals, packages are available, so are BYO everything options.

You will find lots more information on our Info Sheet below.

Also have a look at our photo gallery below for a random selection of photos showing the fun, games and thrills of Aussie Bow camps with past instructors Ana Sokolka and Norbert Kopczynski both from Poland.

Due to COVID 19 the dates for our World Famous Aussie Bow Camp in 2020 will be rescheduled - stay tuned.

Internationally renowned Horse Archer, Emil Eriksson, from Sweden, is our guest instructor this time around. Emil is the 2015 WHAF World Champion and winner of the European Championships many times. He is the leading 'Lefty' Horse Archer in the world, but don't let that fool you, as he has competed internationally and won as a 'righty'.

This will be our 9th Aussie Bow Camp over the last 6 years and to date we have brought the majority of Internationals to this country to teach the sport. Emil will be our 4th Instructor  to impart his knowledge and style onto the Horse Archers of this country and those attending from New Zealand.

Also remember we hold the Australian Open Horse Archery Championships right after our Aussie Bow Camp. So don't forget to enter that,  there are classes at walk, trot and canter. 

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Photo Gallery from past Bow Camps