Medieval Horse Sports Australia

At Medieval Horse Sports Australia you will learn Medieval style Skill at Arms with the use of Lances, Swords and Spears along with Bows & Arrows.

These were the skills the knights of olde, and their noble steeds, used to train for battle.  Today we learn how to use these weapons to train for fun, competitions and shows.


At our clinics you will use various lances in weight and length, LARP Swords for basic training and then steel Swords for advanced training. Keep in mind safety is paramount in everything we teach.  A good technique, using a manageable weapon, will lead to strength and ability for you to move up to using  proper lances and swords.

Once having mastered the use of the lance students can go onto learning ‘Novice’ jousting, where armour is not required as the lances are softened with pool noodles on the ends.  But a sturdy thick jacket and face protection is required at our competitions and events.

Should a student wish to continue further, then jousting in armour is the final step and opportunities for that can be sought out. through our Historic Equitation Combat Schools (HECS) and Joust Camp.

The best Students of both Medieval Horse Sports Australia and Horse Archery Australia are also offered opportunities to perform with our show troupe The Knights of Camelot. 

If you are interested in a clinic or a performance contact us here.

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Spinning Quintain

Hanging Rings

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