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2017 - you were amazing ! Hello 2018 you've got some big shoes to fill !


Our achievements were spectacular, even beyond my dreams for 2017. We only held 22 clinics, attended by 170 students both in OZ and NZ which was a very reduced number due to our show commitments this year at which over One Hundred Thousand Aussies have now witnessed and been exposed to Horse Archery at its very best, after 10 nights of Brisbane Royal plus two days at the huge Abbey Medieval Festival along with two weekends of Jousting and Combat shows!!!

Pretty incredible when you think about it !

Our two Aussie Bow Camps were a huge success again with Norbert working his magic with the students. We will be holding them again in 2018 with another Polish Champ, Ana Sokolska, doing the teaching.

We hosted the Aussie Nationals again for the third time and I still managed a third place overall, being beaten by my best students. Our perfect track record is still standing of training all past and present State and National Champions, senior and junior. Those results speak for themselves.

I’m very proud of my horses, Merlin and D'artagnan, and how they coped with a heavy work load consisting of my training, students training plus show training and performances.

A HUGE THANK YOU to my gang of committed ( yes some times it feels like an asylum lol ) Students, Friends and Family. We’ve had a heck of a lot of fun this year, done things we have never tried before and came out extremely successful at the end of it all.

A HUGE THANK YOU to horse owners, Katy and Tracey who trusted me with their precious steeds. And again thanks Katy for the amazing photos you take and teh time you put nto thelping me with that big show. Your efforts are always very appreciated.

After all those shows and Bow Camps it was off to Japan and Korea with a bunch of students for a very successful round of competitions culminating in another Gold Medal at the World Championships for team Australia with myself and two students, CJ and Adriana.

I had a wonderful time in Japan with an overall second in Obihiro and a shared third in Aomori. Plus the Obihiro event went to the top of my personal Fav’s for the most fun event I’ve attended, making some amazing new friends and hanging out with my old ones it really is the people you meet that make this sport so unbelievably great.

On a persoanl note I also got some jousting in and had a great time doing so. Dreamer is back after having her foal last year, and shes a gun down the tilt.

Plus Kryal Castle wlecomed me for a few days of jousting fun. Looking forward to going back and doing it again. Thanks Phil and Lisa.

So whats on the agenda for 2018 ? Well another huge year ( I can’t seem to stop myself….. sorry Glen) with 12 clinics already booked so far along with three Bow Camps. For 2018 we’ve ramped up a long disused branch of our business, Horse Archery Australia, and through it we will be running 10 regional competitions, three State Championships, a National Championships and the cherry on top will be an International Championships. Lots to organise, but its part of what I love doing.

Plus we head overseas again, this time to Jordan and Poland to compete, along with training in Iran, Germany and the UK. I hope to find some time to look at a castle and museum or two along the way.

Anyway Glen and I wish you all the most amazing 2018 and I look forward to seeing you all somewhere in the world . Happy New Year

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