This stunnig Purple, Green & Black set is second hand but in excellent condition. Postage included for Australia.


Made from heavy duty, colour fast, pre shrunk, cotton drill. 

This Caparison was custom made to a 6'3" rug template. 


In the photos this set is seen on horses ranging from 15.0 to 15.3hh breeds being  Waler,  Freisain Warmbloods and Quarterhorse.  It will fit larger horses as well.


The tabbards are one size fits all.  Just add a wide balt. 


This set includes


Rein Dags

2 x Tabbards.  The Riders tabbard is longer than the Squires one.


Plume - two Purple & two Green Ostrictch Feathers

( anything else seen in photos is not included in this set.  Double check photos taken on the table as they show the exact set)


Postage included in Australia. International enquireis are most welcome Please message us with where you are located so I can get a quote to ship to you.

Purple, Green & Black Caparison, Tabards & Plume