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Sunday 11th August 2024 



Ruths Road

South Kolan

RSVP is August 8th 





8am Track Set Up - Everyone is required to participate in setting up the track and targets

8.30am - Saftey Briefing and sign in - Everyone is required to attend this

9am - Track is open for riding and archery

9.15 am - first private lesson starts

1pm ish - Track pull down and pack away - eveyone is required to help with this as well


Rally Days are for those who have attended our Clinics and wish to practice thier skills.  There is no instruction at a rally day ( apart from the private lessons booked with Katrina  )


Katrina will be the Rally Day Marhsall ensuring the smooth and safe running of the day.  But essentially it is up to you to have yourself,  your horse and your archery equipment organised to go and train on your own.


Rally Fees are

$35 per rider

$15 per ground archer


Private Lessons - NO NEWBIES, only prior students on horses that are good to shoot from and know their runway ettiquete.

After your lesson you can go practice some more on the track,  the lesson fee includes the rally day fee.

$75 per rider in a 2 rider lesson for 1.5 hours  (please organise the 2 riders yourselves as its a $150 fee for this lesson) only 1 of these lessons are availalbe at a Rally Day

$90 per rider in a 1 rider lesson for 1 hour -  only 1 of these lessons are availalbe at a rally day 

**$50 School Horse Hire - Hiring Dee for a lesson is in addition to the lesson fee


Archery Equipment Hire

$10 per person/set School Bow and Arrows



** Our Aussie famous school horse, D'artagnan ( or Dee as he is affectionatly known) is availalbe to hire by one very lucky person. His hire fee is $50 and is additional to the private lesson fee.  Conditions apply for hiring Dee for the days activities. Please send us a message here to confirm your suitability to ride him.


BYO food and drink. There are no onsite canteen facilities or any nearby shops.


Also please BYO horse treats.  The horses learn their role much quicker and are more tollerant of the long days if they get some treats.  I find choped carrot peices are great, but if you have others please bring them for your horse.


Approved safety riding helmets and boots with heels must be worn at all times whilst on horseback.


 MHSA waivers must be signed before participating in the clinic. These are available here


Clinic places are not secured until full payment is received. Refunds or Credits are not given after the RSVP date. If you are able to find someone to take your place, they can pay you directly.  Please inform us of the new person taking your spot. 


Weather Policy - As we often have to travel great distances to these clinics, we cant easily reschedule if the weather is wet, the clinic will go ahead.  If, however, the weather be so inclement we will do our best to reschedule at a time that suits the clinician and majority of the participants.  If you are not able to attend the reschedule dates you will be given a credit that can be used within 12 months of the postponed clinic. 


CAMPING  is $10 per person. You must be fully self sufficient. The facilities on site are a small kitchen with microwave, toilets and shower.  Site water is bore water so you may wish to BYO drinking water for yourself and your horse.  There are onsite horse yards. 

The South Kolan Pub is 2ks down the road and has good meals.




Rally Day & Private Lessons in Horse Archery Sunday 11 August 2024

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